I’ve been absent from Social Media for the last week, because I’ve been busy getting ready to launch something new.  (Don’t worry – Village Parenting is still going strong!) While it is separate from my work in Village Parenting, it is based on the same ideals:  Connecting through authenticity.
SPS Small Logo
I have been a member of Speaker Sisterhood for several months and am now very excited to be launching my own club in Reading, MA!
Here’s what to expect:  A group of women seeking to boost public speaking skills in a safe and fun environment.   Members end up discovering more about themselves through storytelling and public speaking, all while connecting with other supportive women.
Here are the details:
Launch Party/First Meeting:  October 22nd
Time:  12:00-2:00
Where:  Tin Bucket in Reading – 12 Woburn St.
We will meet every other Monday.  Rsvp to villageparent@gmail.com
**First Meeting is Free!**
Go to www.speakersisterhood.com for more information about the Speaker Sisterhood organization