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If you’re a business, organization, or PreK-12 school, I can deliver workshops tailored to the needs of the parents in your community.

Participants leave workshops with tangible strategies and a renewed sense of their own abilities to do this very difficult job of parenting.

You can host in your own space, or I can deliver workshops online.

Topics include but are not limited to:

Intentional Parenting Workshop

Do you feel like parenting is an endless series of quick decisions without much time for reflection? Do you wonder how to help your children navigate their way to adulthood? In this workshop, you will develop your parenting intentions. You will learn how to use these intentions to develop rules, routines, and habits that are right for your family.

Mindfulness and Parenting

What is mindfulness? How can it improve your experience as a parent and enhance your family’s quality of life? Learn what all the talk is about and bring home some practical strategies you can start using right away.

Behavior Management Workshop Series

In this two-part series, learn how to use positive parenting strategies in order to minimize misbehavior. Next, learn what to do when misbehavior happens!

Parenting and Technology

Do you have questions about how much screen time is appropriate, when your child is ready for a phone, or how to manage social media use? This workshop will help you determine and keep the technology boundaries that are right for your family. Help your child establish a healthy relationship with technology.

Inner Compass: Teaching our kids to listen to and trust themselves.

Do you worry about how your kids will stay true to themselves in this fast-paced world with endless options and competing messages? Do you wonder how to teach your kids what staying true to themselves really means? This workshop focuses on how to teach our children how to self-regulate and how to make decisions that are right for them.

Neurodiversity: Understanding the Gift

Do you have a child who is neurodiverse? Do you sometimes worry about them finding their way in this world? This workshops celebrates the many gifts and enhanced skills that come with neurodiversity. We will also explore approaches that help these gifts shine.

Happiness in Our Busy World

Do you wonder about the impact of our busy schedules on our kids? In this workshop, learn how our achievement-oriented culture is adding to our kids’ anxiety levels. Find out what you can do to help your kids learn the meaning of true happiness as well as how to be bored!

Parents as Educators Workshop

Learn how you are the primary educator in your child’s life. Learn strategies for helping your child with both behavioral and academic success. Leave this workshop feeling empowered by the role you play!

Homework Workshop

Is homework time a struggle? Do you wonder how much to help your child with their assignments? Learn strategies for getting homework done without the battles and the tears!

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I also offer family and community engagement and mindfulness services for K-12 schools.

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