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Mindfulness in Schools

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Mindfulness in Schools

Mindfulness is simply the act of being in the present moment no matter what internal or external experience arises. I offer mindfulness training in several different formats and for different audiences.

Mindfulness in the Classroom

I am trained by Mindful Schools to teach their Mindful Schools K-12 Curriculum directly to students. This curriculum is designed to be delivered in the classroom for 25 minutes twice a week for 8 weeks, though it does not need to follow that precise schedule.

Improved focus in the classroom
Improved ability to calm down when they are upset
Improved decision making

Mindfulness for Teachers Course

This program is solely focused on teacher wellness. Research shows that when teachers develop their own mindfulness practice aimed at teacher wellness, there are many positive student outcomes. 

Participants will learn:

The definition and neuroscience of mindfulness
The many benefits of having a personal mindfulness practice
Several strategies for practicing mindfulness

Mindfulness Professional Development

I deliver workshops tailored to your school or district’s needs and goals. Content can include but is not limited to:

Research on mindfulness and the science behind it
Wellness for teachers
How to create a mindful culture in the classroom or school

Family and Community Engagement

Village Parenting offers consulting to schools that are seeking to increase family and community engagement.
Using the latest research and resources, I can help your school:


Create surveys and other outreach tools to determine the needs of your parent community

Provide support to teachers in developing parent/caregiver outreach in their classrooms

Evaluate your school’s data and outreach results to develop goals for parent and community engagement

Offer parent coaching to individual families in your district

Offer parent workshops within the community

Provide professional development in Family and Community Engagement

  • Family Engagement for the K-12 Educator: An Overview
  • Developing a Family Engagement Plan (2-day training)
  • Positive Communication with Parents Workshop

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We already have a Social Emotional Learning Curriculum. Does this replace it?

    No. Mindfulness enhances students’ ability to access what was learned from the social emotional curriculum. It teaches sensory awareness and anchoring so that the student can access previously taught strategies during the heat of the moment.

    Don’t teachers already have enough to do?

    Most teachers are feeling the burden of increased curriculum demands. This curriculum is designed to be delivered in short, manageable chunks of time (20 minutes) either once or twice a week — and I am the one teaching it.

    The classroom teacher is able to participate in the lesson and reap the benefits of practicing mindfulness as well. When mindfulness is incorporated into the culture of a classroom, many teachers find that they can actually accomplish more and feel less stress throughout the day.

    Note, this should not be a mandated addition to curriculum, and teachers should only incorporate this if they are inclined to try it. Mindfulness will not be effective if there isn’t buy-in from the classroom teacher.

    I know that mindfulness is making its mark in education. How do I get started?

    Let me come and present to your staff and see if teachers are interested in having me come to their classrooms!

    Ready to get started?