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Behavioral Coaching and Educational Consultation

About Me

Theresa Wiggins, M.Ed.

I am an educator, a business owner, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and, most importantly, a parent of three children.

I spent the first eight years of my 13-year teaching career as a special educator. I served students with a wide range of disabilities, including specific learning disabilities, ADHD, spectrum disorders, neurological impairments, developmental delays, communication impairments, and emotional and behavioral disabilities.

Later I became a general educator. I loved figuring out where my students were with a particular skill and then bringing them to the next level. At the same time, I taught them how to think about their own thinking, or understand their own process of learning.

I taught these same skills in the social arena, striving to help my students understand themselves as a part of our classroom community. Building a safe and vibrant community was a cornerstone of my practice.

Developing my curriculum of the home

When my third child was born, it made sense financially and logistically to stay home for a year. As one year turned into a few, I realized how much I enjoyed supporting my own children’s education from home.

That is to say, I loved supporting their teachers and the curriculum they were learning by providing routines, structure, and follow-up — my own curriculum of the home.

Research shows that family practices like these correspond with a child’s success in school. I realized that other parents wouldn’t necessarily know how to do this to best support their child’s education. Why would they?

Growing my village

I also spent years growing my village, which helps to replenish my parenting well. The village that my husband and I rely on is full of the people you’d expect: family members, personal mentors, and our children’s teachers.

But sometimes I’ve learned the most valuable lessons from other parents, especially those who parent differently than I do.

Promoting the happiness of the whole child

Having now been on both sides of the parent/educator equation, I’m passionate about helping other parents effectively manage their kids’ behavior and guide them through the schooling process.

Building a supportive village and creating an environment at home that sets a child up for success are essential in promoting the happiness of the whole child. Let me be a member of your village!

My credentials

Master of Education, Simmons College
Certified in Special Needs, N-9
Certified in Intensive Special Needs, N-12

Certified in General Education,

Attended Family Engagement in Education 4-Day
Trained in Mindful Schools Curriculum K-12

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