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Behavioral Coaching and Educational Consultation

Parent Coaching & Consultation

I offer in-person and online behavioral coaching and educational consultation services for parents of children ages two to eighteen.

By understanding your family’s goals, needs, and challenges and applying my expertise as an educator, I can help bring more calm and predictability to your home and set your child up for future success.

Managing your child’s behavior

Supporting your child’s education

Managing your child’s behavior

Do you regularly experience the following?

Your child does not follow your directions.
None of the discipline or consequences you give your child change her behavior.
Your child talks back to you.
Your child whines, throws tantrums, or becomes physical if he does not get his way.
You avoid taking your child shopping or to restaurants because of his behavior in public.

I can work with you to understand and more effectively manage your child’s behavior, using the Triple P Positive Parenting Program.

Developed by Professor Matthew R. Sanders and colleagues from the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland, Triple P is a systematic, research-based approach to enhancing parenting skills as well as the parent/child bond. It is meant for children ages 2 to 12.

As a Triple P Practitioner, I work with you over 10 to 12 sessions to build strong, healthy relationships, confidently manage your children’s behavior, and prevent new problems from developing.

Supporting your child’s education

Do you need help with:

Establishing morning routines?
Knowing what questions to ask at school…and how to ask them?
Getting your child to do his homework?
Sorting through educational testing?
Building your child’s executive functioning skills?
Figuring out what else you can be doing to meet your child’s needs?

Sometimes I work directly with your child or teen and in other cases I consult with you, the parent. Each situation is different and we will determine what works best for your familyIn your home or online, we’ll work together to identify your goals and the intentions you have for raising your child(ren) ages 2 to 18.

What’s most important to you as a parent? What values help define your family culture? What do you want your kids to leave your house with when they are all grown up?

The answers to these questions, and others, will help guide not only your approach to parenting but your approach to education.

Sometimes I work directly with your child or teen and in other cases I consult with you, the parent. Each situation is different and we will determine what works best for your family

Together we’ll build bridges between all parties who care about your child!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really help me? My situation is so bad.

Clients often wonder if I’ve really seen a situation as bad as theirs. I find that parents tend to judge themselves harshly and they think they are the only ones dealing with difficult behaviors. So, my answer is twofold: Yes, I’ve addressed extremely challenging behaviors AND you are not alone. Many people need support just like you.

Once we get started, what is the Triple P Process?

I begin with information and data gathering. I spend time learning about your family and your goals. You answer surveys which help me understand your parenting style and your perception of your child’s strengths and difficulties. From there, I teach you foundational skills – positive parenting strategies – which minimize misbehavior. Next, you will learn how to manage misbehavior when it does occur. Finally, I teach you how to maintain these skills once the program is over. You will have homework to complete between each session.

How long is the Triple P program?

The Triple P program takes a minimum of 12 sessions, though may take up to about 20. No matter the number of sessions, the cost does not change — it is one flat fee. As long as you are completing your homework and practicing the strategies, I won’t leave until you feel better!

Where do we meet?

I come to you! If location or timing is an issue for one or both partners, we can meet online as well.

Are you an advocate?

I am not a traditional advocate, though I do help advocate for children with special needs. My goal is to bring everyone to the table in a non adversarial way. I like to find out what is working at school in order to replicate it at home — as well as communicate with the school about what is working at home.

Having taught for 13 years as a special educator and classroom teacher, I am able to help you understand reports and to know what questions to ask. I am a bridge between home and school, with your child as the top priority.

Other ways we can work together

I also offer family and community engagement and mindfulness services for K-12 schools.

Services for K-12 schools

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