Have you heard what has been happening in the Wilmington Public Schools lately?  
Superintendent Mary Delai is leading Wilmington Public Schools in addressing the mental and behavioral health issues that our youth face.  Superintendent Delai’s approach to mental health issues is a refreshing combination of authenticity, vulnerability, innovative ideas, and active listening. 
Village Parenting’s part of this work is but one small piece of the district wide effort. It has been my pleasure to collaborate with the Wilmington schools over the last few months. 

  • By the end of the school year, I will have taught approximately 200 students the mindfulness curriculum from Mindfulschools.org. 
  • I have provided trainings for very open and welcoming  school staff on both Mindfulness and Family Engagement.   
  • As a result of our combined efforts, a district wide survey was administered to families in order to gauge school climate and other topics related to Family Engagement.  
  • Last week I participated in Wilmington’s first Behavioral Health Fair. 
  • I will also be offering two parenting workshops at the end of this month:  Intentional Parenting on May 24th, and Parents as Educators on May 31st.

In the midst of Mental Health Awareness month, I would like to share with you one of the latest blog posts from Superintendent Delai.  She highlights an important truth when it comes to mental health:  We all struggle.  All of us.  The truth of what we are each going through is not only ok to share, but sharing it is usually vital to our own healing.  Though it may feel like we are the only one who is going through something, that’s never true.  Ever.  I am a living example of this.  When it serves our work, I am open with my private clients about my own struggles with mental health.  Struggle is simply part of the human experience.
Here is the post from Superintendent Delai: