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Behavioral Coaching and Educational Consultation


Hiring Theresa for Triple P was the best decision I made for our family.

I dragged my feet for months after meeting Theresa at a Connect the Tots workshop she presented. I immediately connected with Theresa and her approach to parenting, but paying someone to tell me how to be a parent felt weird. I had always wanted to be a mother, they were my kids, I should know what to do. But, I was wrong and our family dynamic was crumbling and our lives were spiraling downward.

I finally contacted Theresa and I cannot truly describe how important and positive this decision was for our family. Theresa has such a unique and powerful viewpoint of children and our relationship with our children. She gave incredible insight into issues and problems and provided concrete, positive, and realistic solutions.

The whole process brought our family closer and happier – exactly what we hoped for! Theresa is worth every penny you will spend going on this parenting overhaul journey with her!

In mindfulness, your anchor is like your best friend that guides you through life.

— Grade 5 Student

When I heard my daughter was going to have homework EVERY day in first grade, I began to fear the daily homework struggle. Theresa relieved my anxiety and opened my eyes to important skills I had never even thought about before.

Understanding parent expectations and strengths/weaknesses (and how to discuss them with her!) will not only help us with school, but with life. Knowing how to set up a good foundation to make the chaos of life-with-kids run smoother, is priceless!!

Theresa listened carefully and knew how to tailor her recommendations (all kids are different!) to meet my concerns regarding Haley.

Now that I am aware of the tools and skills needed to be better prepared for school, I want more! I look forward to getting more of her expert advice throughout the year.

Theresa recently helped me in preparing for my daughter’s yearly IEP meeting.

I was overwhelmed by all the testing results I had to sort through and was afraid I was not going to understand the results or would miss an important detail.

Theresa read through the reports that I had and was able to summarize and sort through it all with me. She listened to my concerns and answered my questions. She offered insight into the test results that I, as a layperson, would not have picked up on.

After I met with her, I had an outline for my meeting, knew exactly what I was asking for and why my daughter needed those services, and most importantly had the confidence to go into the meeting and be my daughter’s best advocate.

I recently worked with Theresa for two Mindfulness and Parenting sessions. Over the two 8-week sessions, Theresa taught our group a variety of mindful techniques and how to apply these strategies to parenting.

Not only does Theresa have such an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Triple P program, she also has the amazing ability to break it down and apply it to everyday parenting situations. She does so with compassion and understanding for what all parents deal with on an everyday basis.

She has taught me to be a calmer, more insightful parent. In my moments of parenting frustration I now have the strategies to get me through those tough, exhausting situations.

A few weeks ago, in Target with my five-year-old in meltdown mode (I was that mother. All eyes on me!) I immediately turned to all the strategies Theresa had taught us. Instead of reacting, I took the time I needed, applied the strategies I had learned, and responded. The outcome of the situation was so much calmer than it would have been if I hadn’t participated in this course.

She has also taught me to slow down a bit and enjoy what surrounds me. She has taught me to be mindful and appreciate the simplest things in life.

Not only is Theresa an amazing teacher, she is also a wonderful mother. She has been through this just like all of us. She knows the struggles and understands what we go through. She’s right… We shouldn’t have to go it alone. I highly recommend Village Parenting!

Working with Theresa has taught me so much about parenting. I have improved my active listening skills with my children while validating their feelings. I have learned that I don’t need to know all the answers and that its OK to ask for help. I have learned to remember to breathe when I might want to scream.

Her guidance in our family’s relationship and understanding of school has also been invaluable. After working with Theresa I feel more confident as a parent. I highly recommend Village Parenting.

I gained a lot from our family’s mindfulness classes. Learning with my kids how to be more mindful was a great experience. Being mindful has helped us all look at the world a little differently and appreciate the little things in life. The classes on generosity, heartfulness & gratitude brought me even closer to my kids.

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