Educational Consulting

All Educational Consulting Services are customized to your needs and my fees are offered on a sliding scale.

I work with families of children ranging from 2 years old to middle school.  My approach is not one-size-fits-all.  I will work with the goals you have as a family.  If you are not sure of your goals, I will guide you (and your partner if desired) to identify what is most important to your family. 

We will walk through your family values as well as goals you have for your child(ren).

What values help define your family culture?  Does your family value nature?  Family as most important? Effort?  Balance?

What do you want your kids to leave your house with when they are all grown up?  A sense of autonomy?  Personal responsibility?  Community service?  Kindness to others?  Money sense? Knowledge of oneself?

Believe it or not, the answers to these questions will help guide not only your approach to parenting but your approach to education.  I will help you align your values and goals to the expectations you set, how you reinforce your expectations, and how you talk to your kids about their schooling. 

To get started, contact me here!