Offering Triple P is so rewarding. I can’t easily describe the feeling I get when I watch a family learn how to bring more calm into their home. Here is what one client has to say:

“Hiring Theresa for Triple P was the best decision I made for our family.  I dragged my feet for months after meeting Theresa at a workshop she presented. I immediately connected with Theresa and her approach to parenting, but paying someone to tell me how to be a parent felt weird.  I had always wanted to be a mother, they were my kids, I should know what to do.  But, I was wrong and our family dynamic was crumbling and our lives were spiraling downward. I finally contacted Theresa and I cannot truly describe how important and positive this decision was for our family.  Theresa has such a unique and powerful viewpoint of children and our relationship with our children.  She gave incredible insight into issues and problems and provided concrete, positive, and realistic solutions.  The whole process brought our family closer and happier – exactly what we hoped for! Theresa is worth every penny you will spend going on this parenting overhaul journey with her!”